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SpamCleanBot: Anti spam Solution

I hate spammers and phishing just as much as you do. they make us angry, they ruin chats, even maybe they post unappropriated contents.

SpamCleanBot is a free and easy solution to spam in Telegram chats. It will detect spambots and will delete them from your chats.

How it works?

SCB will check your groups 24/7 and if any user wants to spam the chat via adding a bot, he will react. first of all SCB will remove the bot, then he will notify admins about this and ask to remove the guilty user if admin approves.

How can I use it?

SpamCleanBot is easy to use. If you intersted using this bot, you can found it here (@SpamCleanBot on Telegram Messenger). Start the bot, follow the given instruction to add it to your chat.

How can I support you?

You can support us by inviting your friends to use SCB. There is bunch of beautiful flyers that I designed to introduce the bot, you can send the file to your friends or you can print them if you want to. Download from here

2 thoughts on “SpamCleanBot: Anti spam Solution”

  1. So, I’m Happy to see that your starting a again. The bot which you are developing is working just fine. This bot is a lifesaver some how 🙂
    “Actions speak louder than words” you did it dude, you did it.

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